Primo Piatto teachers and professional pasta training courses

The Teachers of “Primo Piatto” Pasta School

A long experience in pasta, to ensure quality teaching to the participants.

In order to deal with the subject of fresh pasta from various points of view, both theoretical and practical, we have selected Teachers with a long experience in the field, matured in different areas. These major teachers will be assisted from time to time by other experts depending on the needs of the various courses.

Danilo Curotto

“Mister Pasta”

It was 1999 when Danilo Curotto, a young Genoese pasta maker, was invited by a friend to the United States to introduce the secrets of the italian art of making fresh pasta to the New World and was soon acclaimed as “Mister Pasta”.

Hence the idea of offering support and advice to those who want to start a business in the field of fresh pasta.

With a direct experience in the field as owner of a fresh pasta shop in the heart of the historic center of Chiavari - the well-known‘Pastificio Prato’ - , Danilo with competence and acumen, has contributed to the success of pasta production laboratories in Italy and all over the world.

Today, after 25 years of professional work as a pasta maker, he takes care of the start up of companies producing fresh pasta starting from the design of the premises until the actual start-up of the activity. He has also been a judge in various competitions for pasta makers.


Lidia De Fraia

“Quality, tradition and respect for raw materials”

In addition to having collaborated for 25 years in the administrative and production management of the family pasta factory (2 direct points of sale, 3 points of sale connected to Genoa, a centralized laboratory according to EEC standards, and a sales branch in Barcelona), Lidia De Fraia worked for 5 years in administration and management control for a company based in the UK with two training facilities based in England and Spain.

She has years of expertise in the production and management sector of activities relating to pasta, in-depth knowledge of the HACCP system as applied to the sector, knowledge of 4 foreign languages (English, French, Spanish and German). Lidia also has considerable experience in the training of pasta makers and other professionals connected to the industry, representing the skills she would bring to the students of the PrimoPiatto School who want to undertake a path in the production of artisanal fresh pasta, both in traditional sales as well as with ready meals and catering to restaurant-level service.



Professional Course 'Fresh Pasta'
30/09/2024 - 04/10/2024
Basic theoretical and practical course for aspiring pasta makers and chefs.

Advanced Professional Course 'Pasta Chef - Fresh pasta in the food service business'
07/10/2024 - 11/10/2024
Advanced theoretical and practical course for restaurant professionals.


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Corso di pasta fresca avanzato .... con il più grande e preparatissimo Maestro Danilo Curotto Consigliato !!!! ...

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