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"Primo Piatto Online" arises from the need to create a virtual platform dedicated to all those who:

  • Want to start a pasta-based business or work in the catering and want to learn more about the practical and regulatory aspects of pasta production, for which we offer an ONLINE COURSE FOR ASPIRING PASTA MAKERS AND COOKS ;
  • Already operate in the pasta sector and intend to master specific topics, for which we offer a series of IN-DEPTH SEMINARS.

Languages: The courses are taught in Italian, English, Spanish or French.

Please contact us for more information about dates and programs.

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Professional videoconference course
16/11/2020 - 18/11/2020
Theoretical and practical course for aspiring pasta makers or professionals who want to know more about pasta - base course



The course has a limited number of participants and is held by Mastro Pastatio Danilo Curotto. Participants will have at their disposal the videos, made specifically for the course using professional equipment (pasta machines and cooking stations) and the handout in pdf format, with the content of the lessons.
The course program is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of the participants. Below is an indicative and non-exhaustive list of issues that are normally covered:

  • Homemade pasta and pasta in the workshop.
  • Durum wheat semolina and soft wheat flour.
  • Notes on pasta regulations in the workshop.
  • Minimum characteristics of the production structures (workshop/ shop, workshop/ wholesale).
  • The main raw materials: hints about the market.
  • Temperatures and production cycle: introduction to HACCP and flows.
  • Production: basic doughs for drawn and laminated pasta, drying.
  • Reference standards and regulations.
  • Ancient grains: Russello, Tumminia, Perciasacchi, Biancolillo, Senatore Cappelli, Khorasan.
  • Colored and flavored pastas: coloring with fresh vegetables, flavoring with spices and alcohol.
  • Food Risk, Aw, Bacteria.
  • Production techniques in the kitchen: vacuum cooking, constant production.
  • Reference regulations, labeling.
  • Fresh and dry pasta: production notions and calculation examples.
  • Constancy in production and the impact of workforce.
  • Fresh potatoes, potato flakes, preparations.
  • Baker's syndrome.
  • Food cost and more: constant production, bill of materials.
  • Example of transformation of recipe into numbers.
  • The business plan of a pasta factory.
  • Marketing applied to pasta: case history and creations.

At the end of the teacher's presentation, the students will have the opportunity to ask questions and seek for any clarifications.
Upon completion of the course attendees will receive a digital certificate of participation, and for the next 30 days, will be entitled to ask for the teacher's advice free of charge.


The in-depth seminars are intended for pasta makers and professionals in the field and are focused on specific aspects of the production and marketing of pasta, such as: production technologies, regulations, business plans, marketing strategies, etc…
During the seminars various case histories are presented and the teachers answer questions on specific problems relating to the subject matter.


Professional videoconference course
16/11/2020 - 18/11/2020
Theoretical and practical course for aspiring pasta makers or professionals who want to know more about pasta - base course


Ho frequentato il corso di pasta fresca di luglio ed è stata un'esperienza veramente bellissima.I docenti sono bravi e...

Mattia Ravera

Corso di pasta fresca avanzato .... con il più grande e preparatissimo Maestro Danilo Curotto Consigliato !!!! ...

Massimo Travaglini

Profissionais competente, chef Danilo e Lídia são organizados,honestos e profissionais, eu e meu marido saímos...

Luzia Crivelli

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