Personalized advice on pasta, at the customer premises

Services of “Primo Piatto” Pasta School

Training does not stop within the School...

If requested, it can continue with a personalized consultancy service at the Customer, anywhere in the world.

The start-up service, aimed at new activities, can include:

  • Specific consultancy in the research of raw materials in the Customer's location
  • Creation of customized recipes and menus
  • Training of production workers on machinery, with definition and optimization of production cycles (fresh, pasteurized, stabilized, frozen, dry)
  • Food technology applied to the company
  • Application of the Food Hygiene and Food Risk system to the activity in question
  • Complete start up with presence on site
  • Periodic tutoring with verification of results and updating of recipes and menus
  • Business development consultancy (tasting, presentations, events, sales agents training)
  • Marketing applied to the field


Professional Course 'Fresh Pasta'
14/02/2022 - 18/02/2022
Basic theoretical and practical course for aspiring pasta makers and chefs.

Advanced Professional Course 'Pasta Chef - Fresh pasta in the food service business'
14/03/2022 - 18/03/2022
Advanced theoretical and practical course for restaurant professionals.


Profissionais competente, chef Danilo e Lídia são organizados,honestos e profissionais, eu e meu marido saímos...

Luzia Crivelli

Ciao amici! Credo che questo corso sia eccezionale sopratutto se si ha la passione di imparare un mestiere. ..bye ...

Bubba Sabina

Un corso che io raccomando a tutti. Danilo e Lidia sono super!!! Davvero dei professionisti.. grazie!!! ...

Roberto Tomarchio

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